Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to convert .mp3 format to .ogg format

Packages required for installation on both Redhat and Debian based servers.

For Redhat

sh# yum install libmad libid3tag which are available in rpm forge repository.

download and install mpg321 rpm which is available on the internet or you can download it from

sh# rpm -Uvh mpg321-

next is to install vorbis-tools

sh# yum install vorbis-tools

For Ubuntu

sh# apt-get install mpg321 vorbis-tools


suppose you are have test.mp3 and need to convert it into test.ogg
run the mentioned command

sh # mpg321 test.mp3 -w - | oggenc -o test.ogg -

Note : Don't forget to put trailing "-"

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